Terms and Condition

The document of Terms and Condition under which you can use the Ignite Desk and the Services are explained below. These Terms bind its users (“Candidate or job seeker”) and (“Employer”) around the world.  Ignite Desk has the right and power to revise its Terms any time. Users will be informed about the changes by notification on the website. In case of any violation of Terms by either user, account will be suspended or terminated on immediate basis. To visit the website Ignite Desk, you must be above 13 years whereas to use the services offered by the Ignite Desk you must be 18 years old and above. The content of the website cannot be used to determine eligibility of an individual for credit or insurance.


Ignite Desk allows its users to access and use the content of the website and download and print it for personal and non-commercial use. Other contents of the website such as images, logo, design and other graphical elements are protected under the copyright infringement law and therefore cannot be used for commercial purpose. Every content of the website is owned by Ignite Desk and any sort of unauthorized use of any of the website’s content will be regarded as violation of the law and strictly prohibited.  Even so, any code created or shown on the Ignite Desk is also owned by the website and therefore should not be misused for reason whatsoever.  No user shall be involved in selling or modifying the content of Ignite Desk to reproduce and distribute for public or commercial purpose in such a manner that confuses the users.  User agrees to not misuse the content of the website for the reason whatsoever.  Thus, the use of the website content anywhere for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited.  Similarly, any code created by the Ignite Desk in developing the web page or software application is owned by the website and shall not be copied.


User agrees to use the Ignite Desk for posting jobs and uploading resumes and these have to be used by job seekers and employer only. When you “post” a job on Ignite Desk, you provide the information that you submit and publish being employer, you agree with the Terms of the website. Under these terms, user remains responsible for protecting the account information such as account details, profile, and password. User agrees not to share the account password or account access to any third party for reason whatsoever. In case of any theft or suspect of unauthorized access to your account by anyone, you must inform Ignite Desk support system.  User agrees not to transfer, post, dispense, collect or abolish any content including personal information, or involved in any activity that aims to impose excessively huge load on the website, or use a device to navigate Ignite Desk besides the tools and devices available on the website. User also agrees not to use any data mining or data collection tools and violate the security of the website. User also agrees not to inverse the compilation of the parts of the website or copy the information such as job posts and user profile for any purpose.